Awful Beautiful - A Friend's Blog

I could spend all day reading blogs. Between the amazing pictures and great writing, I'm just blown away by the talent that is out there. One such talent is my fellow crafter, friend and writer (and the amazing designer of my website) JEN. She writes on a blog called Honest Planet where she talks about her life and kids and the funny-crazy and just normal day to day things that happen. Her writing is truly beautiful and I just love how she tells us about her "conversations" with her kids. When I read her blog I'm reminded how important it is to have that childlike sense of wonder and silliness. So if you're feeling dull from life, traffic and waiting in line at Target go to Jen's blog and see life for a minute through the eyes for her kids. This is especially good for those of us who don't have little ones of our own and aren't around them much. I'm really looking forward to seeing life through the eyes of Kennedy Jane. Right now she's just getting her rest, getting ready for the adventure ahead of her. It's going to be Awful Beautiful - as Jen's little girl says.