It's Easy Seeing Green

At first all I saw were the groceries and dishes that needed to be put away. Then like a light from heaven, I saw all that delicious green... the green of my Granny Smith apple, the avocado and my cereal bowl. I quickly put the eggs and milk in the fridge, found this chartreuse napkin and painted this study in green, it's so "Easy Seeing Green"
I don't always frame my work and hang it on the wall. I tend to just lean it against something as part of a vignette. "BUT IT'S A WATERCOLOR!" you might say to yourself. "How can you do that? They're fragile..." My answer to that is simply they aren't as fragile as you might think. I display lots of my work on easels, shelves and in windows. I use excellent paper, artist grade paints and keep them in not so humid places, like a steamy bathroom. So, with art be creative in your displaying, of course acid free framing and UVA protective glass is preferred, but until you do that, it's fine to lean them and leave them.