Ahhhh... much better

Maybe sleep was all I needed, but needless to say, today's art left me feeling like I took several steps forward. Since getting the ax back in April, I've been painting as much as I can, be it for shows or to just to up my inventory in general. You know, for every ten paintings I work on, I would say one maybe two is frame worthy. Unfortunately I'm not one of those artists who hits the paper with brush and produces a great work every time. I wish it were so. But during this time of not working a "9to5er" I really need to focus on completing a special project that I started last summer and is really near and dear to me... that would be the picture book "GerAmyUm." I've worked on it sporadically, but not at any serious or steady pace. I spent most of today working on it. The little geranium I potted this spring looked exactly like I wanted GerAmyUm to look. -- little and new. There is a strong chance I will have to take a regular job by the end of summer and I would really like to have this completed for my own good and satisfaction.

I'm also so excited to have sold my first print on ETSY this past weekend. It's very encouraging. What a great place to get inspiration and buy some cool gifts and support my fellow artists.

My writing partner and friend Helen Stanphill just updated her website. She recently published a children's story in a national magazine all while taking care of home and two little girls under the age of 6. She is quite a disciplined gal and someone who sets goals (realistic ones) and completes them. I'm so proud of her. Make sure you go check out her website.