A Block of Time

I get little snippets of time when Daisy naps.  Pieces here and there and quite honestly I'm so tired that I just spend those precious moments zoning out on Facebook or Pinterest.  I do miss the large blocks of time I spent painting, playing, and creating.  And now with my new life I feel like I'm starting over as I learn to manage time and prioritize my new duties of the day.  I can't just make a quick trip to the store for something I forgot.  Even after carefully planning a week of meals I realized today I forgot to pick up the tortillas at the grocery for my chicken tortilla soup!  Stuff like this makes me crazy now.  And it's amazing what little dumb things will send me over the edge and in a pile of tears... like no tortillas. I'm reminded by lots of mom friends that it won't always be this way, I will have time to create again. 
 But for now I do my little creative bits here and there.
It's not all painting, but I still have been making things like these little blocks for my Daisy.  She loves to squeeze them and put them in her mouth.
Quote of the day -

Sometimes I have to remind myself
that I don't have to do
what everyone else 
is doing....
 - unknown, but probably a mom somewhere out there.