Three Months

Three Months Old - three VERY long Months I might add.  Phew!
Oh please don't think my blog is going to become a baby blog all about Daisy and a kazillion pictures of her.  I promise you this is still a blog about creating and painting while still having a real life.  I thought it was hard being an artist with a full time job.  Well, now I have a great little boss, our Daisy, and the job is ten times harder.

Art?  When will that happen?  
My friend Carrie Waller reminded me it happens in smaller time increments.  Much smaller I might add.  So this is what I've been working on in VERY small increments a couple of evenings a week.

I have great intentions at 9:00 in the morning but by 3:00, they are gone when Daisy is crying non-stop and not napping.

Dishes and laundry be damned!   

My photographer,designer, decorator friend Krissy at MCK Designs told my little love story - friend love, boy love and baby love on her blog Melange. I couldn't help but shed a tear and of course there are more pictures of Daisy here.

And one of my favorite blogs My Messy, Thrilling Life is back - I just love her thoughts and writing.

And last but not least, just before I had Daisy I found this FABULOUS blog called Smart Creative Women.  Monica Lee, a watercolor artist/illustrator herself, interviews other creative women who generously share their experiences and insight on how they do life and work in this crazy and sometimes economically challenged world we live in. I often listen to this while I paint.  And sometimes I re-listen because there is some GREAT thoughts.  I just love hearing an artist's story.

You CAN be Inspired and Tired!!!!