Art Underground Art Show - October 23

Abbey on the Park
Write it in ink folks.  My first and biggest art show here in St. Louis will be in approximately a week.  I'm so excited and yes, a little stressed.  I'll be framing all weekend long - and if you are a reader of my blog at all you know how much I really dislike framing...grrrr.  But it is coming together.  I do find when I take my time, it just works.  Here are more details about the show on this here website  ART UNDERGROUND.  I'm so honored to be sharing the space with two other artists. One of the artists John White is a photographer who moved to St. Louis the same time I did three years ago and this is his first show as well.  For those of you not local, I will be posting pictures of the show and will be making a few prints available for purchase after the show - like the abbey above.  I hope to see you if you can make it and please do find me.  I'll be the one sweating but smiling.
Abbey on the Park
1505 Missouri Ave. #2E
Saint Louis, MO
October 23
6:00 pm to 11:30 pm