Smooth Sailing?

... nothing by blue skies... If only

This past week I received and e-mail from someone who visited my blog and wanted some advice.  Interestingly she was asking for advice on life questions that had nothing to do with art.  I was surprised on a couple of levels the first being that non- visual artists DO read art blogs and the second surprise was her statement that said "it is so good to see a woman rise above and and turn things around in such a positive way."  I said that out loud to Kitty who was bathing herself next to me and I do believe she rolled her eyes.  I have been thinking about this for awhile and it's flattering as heck but the reality is that my life isn't one that is the most positive.  I simply choose to ONLY write positive inspiring words on this blog.  I need it and you need it.  But that certainly doesn't mean my life is perfect.  There are a few things that have helped me get through tough times like unemployment, divorce, more unemployment and just that fear that keeps you up through the night where you think you are going to crack just from crying so hard.  And these things are...

1. My creative abilities
2. Great wonderful friends who encourage me and laugh with and AT me.
3. My family 

And all of these things are gifts from God.  So because so much has been given to me I feel compelled to used this blog to bring good, beauty, encouragement to those who read it.  Like you, I get battered all day and most days and from many directions.   For me to use this blog to bash life, bash my job, people or god forbid other artists, I would just be contributing more pain and ugliness.  I determined long ago that this would not be the place for that.  So please fellow bloggers, artists, struggling souls, remember when you watch the "stars" on TV, read a blog, look at your neighbor they don't have it all together and somehow you missed the boat.  We can craft a life for display.  I chose to create a blog that uplifts.  I'm not trying to hide my inadequacies, just not focus on them.  But most importantly,  please don't wait to have a perfect life, a perfect set up, a perfect ______(fill in the blank) before you let your creative spirit fly.  I've had to learn to paint while crying.  And trust me, you paint just as well, if not better.