SPAIN - The Watercolors

Welcome .It's been nearly a month since my vacation in Spain.  I haven't been out of the country for many many years and so this was quite an adventure... sometimes an exhausting adventure especially since I know very little Spanish.  But there are elements of vacation that I LOVE and they remain the same no matter where I go.  To me vacation is more than just laying around - it's a vacation of the senses-new sites, new sounds, new tastes.   
The Royal Botanical Gardens in Spain.  I spent several hours sketching while my travel bud slept on a bench.

An old building in a Madrid square done in pen and "loosened" up with water.

I can always find geraniums. This is pool side in Tenerife at a beautiful new resort on the south side of the island.  Lots of tourists from Europe come here to vacation.

Pool side at the Regency Country Club La Estania.  I was up very early and sat and watched the sun rise.  The light is so different in this part of the world.  The Canary Islands are close to the northern part of Africa.  And I loved painting these white empty chairs before all the topless tourists filled them.
Looking out on the balcony my first morning in Tenerife.
My paper souvenirs from my trip to Madrid and Tenerife

Spanish homes on the island.
Los Gigantes on the the west side of Tenerife Island.  Huge cliffs tower over the ocean.  It's the prettiest part of the island.