First Watercolor Painting (gasp)

It was this time of year nineteen years ago that I signed up for my first watercolor class.  And this here is the "lovely" (cough) little painting I did in the basement of my parents house testing out my new watercolors that I bought for the class.  This old set of chest of drawers sat very patiently while I painted it on heavy sketch paper - not even watercolor paper.  Over the years of cleaning and moving eight times, I kept this beginning.  It's a reminder of growth.  I can look back and say,   
"See I HAVE improved and I have proof." 

I only wish I could say this was true for many other areas of life.  As we age do we improve?  I'm a bit of skeptic these days. "Things" just don't get better because I get older.  Improvement is imminent when a person is deliberate.  I have been diligent at becoming a better artist.  It has been slow and frustrating but I do see improvement.  This little painting leaves me wondering what other areas of life should I be working on with the same diligence and perseverance. Patience with people? Generosity? Being less self-absorbed?  yes Yes YES.  Today, I think watercolor painting is easier...