Looks like I'll be in this state for some time - the "state" of transition. It's ironic, we pray for change even beg for it. But when it comes it still can be tough. I miss creativity. Since starting my new job - yes a blessing for a worried heart like myself - I've had no time to even visit those parts of me that use to dominate my life, like blogging, reading other blogs, painting, reading books, sewing, planning or even looking. It's been all work, long days. So when I do have moments - they are valuable and I make sure I make the time for painting. I have to. Last weekend I finished this painting... Fall leaves.Around November I walked through my neighborhood here is St. Louis and collected some gorgeous leaves to paint. I pressed them until I could finally get to finishing the painting. I really like this one. I loved the colorful fall this year. The first one I had lived in for nearly 10 years. So if I love the fall I must accept the cold gray days of winter. If you think about it, the cycles of life are all about transition - the way the seasons change, plants grow and children develop. It's a constant reminder that change is part of life. And even though this transition is not very comfortable, I have to remember that I won't stay in this state forever. So my mornings of reading in my favorite chair are shorter or not at all and I miss that time. But when I do have the time I can't even begin to tell you how much more I enjoy it.