Christmas is Upon Us

What a whirlwind it's been around here. The last two weeks I've been in intense training for my new pharmaceutical rep job and it really has worn me out in both body and mind. My mind is so full of medical terminology and Christmas responsibilities that I left the oven on all night after making my annual Christmas Sugar Cookies. This is not a complaint because getting this job truly is a gift. However, I do miss painting - I've not done much sense I started my job. But I know in time life will level out, and I will be able to incorporate the art and all the other fun crafts back into my life. And then, that will be a whole new discussion. Living a creative life, an artist's life while still working full time in a very non-artist field.
But I did manage to finish some things up. First and foremost the cupcake mittens and hat I made for my niece turned out fabulously. Now I just have to get her to keep them on. She loves chewing on the cherry. I just love making these little knits for her. I have a very small window of opportunity where she will willing wear the things I make.
I'm headed out the door - over the hills and through the woods - to my parent's home to celebrate Christmas.
I wish you all a fabulous, restful and happy Christmas!!! God bless.