Winter pansies survive the cold and in my case the crazy squirrel that digs daily in my little planter. Clearly he's not intimidated by the fluffy clawless fat cat that sits on my porch. So I cut a few and painted this little painting. Then, framed it using a map from one I bought in Paris 7 years ago and printed it on this great banana paper that makes everything look old that's printed on it. I'm very pleased with the end product (price and size in for here).I had been working for several weeks on this large watercolor collage commission of some of the historical homes surrounding Lafayette Square. So these little pansies were lots of fun. Commissions always stress me out - love 'em, need 'em, but am extremely concerned with the final product and that is very inhibiting as an artist. You would think after all these years, I would find a place of ease and peace with painting - but I certainly struggle with that little critic in my head that says "Come one Amy, really... you're an artist?" He's a sneaky little bugger too. Anne LaMott wrote a great book called Bird by Bird (a writer's classic) on the art and act of writing and the challenges a writer faces. It's a fun read and certainly can be applied to any artist. I think I need to dig my copy out.

So back to Lafayette square - BEEEEautiful. I really really really hope to live in that part of town one day. I love the tall majestic French brownstones. After New Orleans, this place screams French. And when you walk along the old brick sidewalks for a minute there you might think you are in France. Needless to say, it's a great place to walk around and even better place to paint. I have several paintings in the works, but haven't finished them ...yet.