100th post!!!!

Can you believe it!?! I actually have written 100 posts. The funny thing is that when Jen(the woman who designed my website, www.GerAmyum.com) was setting up my site she told me about blogging and wanted to know if I wanted to set up a link to a blog. I shook my head and thought I would have no interest in blogging and certainly didn't want to put the time toward "writing in space". I mean, on some level blogging is just a mystery - I really have no idea who reads my blog or how they find it. But I have to say, I REALLY have enjoyed writing and posting my paintings. And I've received some of the loveliest comments from people all over the world. WOW! I'm blown away! When I started blogging I decided that my blog would be about what makes me happy and inspires me as an artist and in turn I hoped to inspire others to find the creative spark in them - because we all have creativity stirring with in us. And, most importantly I would try hard not to be too whiney... because BOY can I whine.
So if you've been reading my blog - thank you! And in celebration and thankfulness for this blog and the people that take the time to read it and comment, I'm going to to have a little giveaway of this original geranium watercolor painting (7"x8"). So if you want to enter in the drawing please e-mail me your name and address, I will write it on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. Then on Friday, November 7 I will draw a name and send it to the winner the next day. Exciting, huh? You can only enter once, I will confirm that I got your info. You can enter by e-mailing me at amy@geramyum.com. Can't wait to see who wins!!!!