The Sun Is Back

After two full day of no sun, I'm doing a little jig now that the sun is out - burning my eyes. I walked this morning without sunglasses. AHHHHhhh- I can breathe now. I also can paint too. I hope to find some very light pink geraniums today - they can be so hard to find. I put this picture away for awhile and pulled it out a couple of weeks ago - I do that when I'm unsure of something I'm working on and don't know where to go with it - to keep going or to stop. The million dollar question. For now I say stop.

And, as a treat to my self for finishing my taxes last weekend, I pulled out my new Amy Butler In Stitches sewing book and ordered some of her material to make an apron (and maybe some matching hot pads if all goes well). I ordered a stack of quarter pieces and can't tell you when the last time I've been so excited about sewing. It's been years. Beautiful fun material makes all the difference. What's even more exciting is seeing all the other beautiful materials being designed - perhaps I'm a sewer again.