E.T. at The Huntington Gardens

After having tea with a bunch of friends I decided I try to do a quick watercolor in my book before I headed back to work. The Huntington was packed with people because it was Free Admission day so I felt pretty lucky to find a somewhat secluded place under a tree. I get my book and travel paints out and I'm ready to go when a man appears beside me.
"So you're going to paint," he says.
Now I have to tell you, my biggest dislike in painting plein air is the people who come to "watch". They never just watch, they too also paint and want to tell me all about it while I'm trying to paint. No matter where I go and where I've painted this same conversation always happens. And, I'm still amazed. My response is usually the same. I politely smile and nod and turn back to my work. Most get the hint. However this man continues.
"I paint from my dreams." he says. And I smile and nod and I think whispered,
"O, cool."
"Mostly I paint Extra Terrestrials," he continues with all seriousness.
Of course he does. I know this because he's talking to ME. If there is a odd ball in the park, they find me.
"Wow that's pretty imaginative, I can only paint what I see, " I say and turn back to my sketch. He stayed and watched for a bit. (I really would have loved to see his ET drawings.)
I didn't get very much done because security came by at least five times to let me know when the gardens closed.
NOTE TO SELF: Just pay the $15. Going on Free Day - too crowded and no parking.