GerAmyUm Picture Book - Part II

Baby Kitty supervising a new knitting project.

Ah, yes the picture book, GerAmyUm - the first one I'm taking a stab at illustrating. The writer in me is re-writing, re-writing and re-writing. I have about 4 picture layouts in my head and I think I'll let the words go for awhile and work on the pictures. Oh, the pressure I feel in making this book amazing. I think it's because the story means so much to me. I mean, it is the name of my blog, my website, my cards.... When a story means alot it is both good and bad. Good in that you are passionate, excited and interested -- Bad (mostly bad) because you are TOO excited, interested and passionate. For me that means it's really difficult for me to keep it simple. And the beauty about children's picture books is that you have to tell a story simply and rather quickly thanks to the parameters of the book itself.

In August, The SCBWI will be hosting a week longer conference. My plan is to attend and really push my work. I have five completed children's picture books I hope to pitch. However, the big one for me is to pitch myself as an illustrator too. I've not done that before. The insecure 14 year old inside me sees all that I'm not - mostly that I've had no formal art training. But clearly that doesn't matter. Look at Susan Branch - her story is amazing, or even Beatrix Potter. Ultimately, the work will speak for itself and hopefully speak LOUDLY to an editor at the conference.