Teaching Watercolors at Bowood Farms

By the looks of this journal blog, it seems as if I have disappeared. But I’m still here, still painting and excited to be doing more teaching.

I’ve been teaching entry level workshops at the beautiful Bowood Farms - Nursery, Garden ,Homestore & Cafe. It’s quite the setting. They have a beautiful space for teaching watercolors. In fact, they offer many classes and I have take a few myself (sashiko embroidery and calligraphy so far). I always enjoy learning something new.

It’s been so exciting to introduce people to the world of watercolors. It never gets old and it’s always thrilling to see someone get excited about watercolors. So often people come into class with all of these ideas about what it mean to be create, paint or even paint in watercolors specifically. Most of them aren’t very positive, let alone true. I can’t tell you how many times I hear that watercolors is the hardest of all the art forms. I hear it over and over. I think they all art forms have their challenges. And fortunately for me I’ve only ever painted in watercolor. So everything else seems hard to me!!! What this means is that before we even hold the brush I spend a little time kicking down these mental blocks. Once our minds are erased of all those negative thoughts and ideas, it really can free a person up to dive in so we can get to the fun, exciting task of creating with water and paint.