Daisy's First Birthday

We celebrated Daisy's first birthday last weekend with friends and family and of course 
homemade chocolate and lemon cake! 

  All the flowers came from my garden.  Having your own garden really makes decorating a breeze.  The flowers seems to celebrate with us

 This little bit of joy had a great time and her Mama (me)  
really enjoyed decorating and planning this little shindig.

We had a puppet theater which I made from a large cardboard wardrobe box. (Thanks Bobbi for saving this for me and dragging it to my house.)

My nephew and niece... great puppeteers!

Bubble chasing

 Daddy helping Daisy catch some bubbles.

Ball eating contest, which Daisy won.

 And of course cake and kisses.


Daisy's "sister" cousin Shiloh who was born 6 months before Daisy is the 
sweetest little girl you might ever meet.

Daisy's friends and her oldest cousin.
Happy Birthday our sweet little girl and gift from God.  
 And a HUGE GIGANTIC  thanks to my lovely, talented friend Krissy who is a professional photographer. (Her website is here, MCK Designs.)  She snapped all these pictures while I was wiping up messes, pretending to be a rabbit at the puppet show and holding a crying Daisy.  She really captured the essence of this happy day. Thank you!