Makoto Fujimura

This summer my brother loaned me a book entitled Refractions - A Journey of Faith, Art and Culture written by a Nihonga (Japanese-style painting) artist, Makoto Fujimura .  I have been chewing on it all summer and finally have decided this is a book I need to always have at my finger tips.  Regardless of your spiritual bent I think this book can speak to the soul of every individual who is an artist and wonders what place he or she has in this world.  For years and I have mourned the fact that didn't have a draw or talent for medicine, accounting, lawyering (I know it's not a word) - practical gifts.  Gifts that are deemed worthy because of their ability to bring in money.  I've always wondered allowed to God, "Why did you make me love painting and writing so much."  All my life I've heard that these things I love to do are "only" or "just" hobbies.  In fact just a couple of weeks ago a woman said to me while referring to my art, " I don't have any hobbies like you Amy."  I was screaming inside.  HOBBY!?!?!  But that is our culture.  Art seems to hold a lesser place than let's say accounting.  Art is just a nice hobby.  Is it?

For you new artists exploring your creative side, it might at first feel like a hobby, but then at some point you will realize this is as important as your heart or lungs or feet to your existence.  Mr. Fujimura delves into the spiritual importance of art and points out how art changes our world, reflects a better world and is as important to humanity as any other profession.  I'm flustered in my words trying to tell you how good this book is, just go read it.  You'll see.