Ranunculas... again

Well, what do you expect...  if you love a flower you can never paint them enough.  The season for ranunculas is long gone.  I never seem to get enough of them though.  I did this mixed media early this spring it includes watercolors (of course), Chinese Sumi ink and Conte crayons. (You can learn more about the painting here.)   I had to post something happy because I lost my sketch book on my flight last week.  I've been looking for it over the weekend and finally had to just face the fact that I left it on the plane.  It must have fallen out of my bag.  I called the airline this afternoon to see if they've found it.  I'm crossing my fingers.  It's not that the art is extraordinary in these little journals.  It's just they go with me everywhere and I collect quotes and ideas and I love doing little watercolor paintings in them.  Some of which I share with the blogging community like this one or this one.  Over the years I have accumulated 22 sketchbooks and this if the first one I've lost.  Oh POOO!!!!   If you found a painter's sketchbook would you keep it?