Sometimes, heck most of the time you have no choice but to wait.
Wait and see...Because really, do you have as much control and power as you think you have?  I am not a patient person when it comes to myself and all I want to accomplish in this life, with my days or even in my moments. I'm great at preparing the flower beds, planting the seeds in nice little rows, but waiting for the flowers to grow... that's another thing.  And, there's nothing I can do but wait, because flower seeds don't care how I feel or what I want.  They will sprout when they sprout.  I'm learning patience because really I have no choice.  Yelling at the flower seeds, getting mad, throwing a fit doesn't make the flowers come any quicker.
I did this picture of Noah and the animals waiting on the ark awhile back but I still love it, it's a calm reminder that I need to accept that waiting is part of life and maybe even find something to enjoy about the "wait".  Eventually the water WILL recede and the flowers WILL come.