Charlotte Cox - Watercolor Artist and Friend

When I lived in San Antonio, Texas I saw my art improve by leaps and bounds. Yes, I was taking classes and I had an exceptional teacher but I would have to say that the main reason I became a better artist was because of Charlotte. met sweet Charlotte in one of my art classes. Soon we became good friends and we had such a good time being together that we made it a rule not to sit next to each other in class because we didn’t get any painting done for talking too much. Charlotte ALWAYS painted! She had and still has a passion to paint and dragged me out to paint with her at least once a week. She also worked a very full time job and was quite successful at that as well. I don't know how she did it all!She offered helpful criticism and saw the good in my work when I was angry and just couldn’t see beyond all the mistakes. Her friendship kept my head above water those first months I was dealing with the end of my seven year long marriage. There were days where I would preferred to stay home, but Charlotte got me out and we painted, cried and then painted some more. You can see her work here. I'm showing you several of my favorite watercolors from her "sketch book". Fabulous work and so spontaneous and confident! I’m a big believer in creating a community of friends who are not only cheerleaders for your artistic endeavors but offer helpful criticism. Charlotte helped me pick the paintings I submitted to my first art show. She also told me where to get slides made of these paintings for submission. She helped me every step of the way when I was first starting to show my work. I sold all three paintings. I remember my mom called me from the show (it was in Virginia) and asked me what the red dots by my paintings meant. I LOVE RED DOTS!!!! Developing these friends takes time and sometimes it just happens. Charlotte and I are friends first and foremost but it was watercolor that brought us together and still keeps us connected. Her work moves me! Hope you enjoy.