Inspiration on the Web

Recently I've been really inspired by some fabulous artists I've found wondering around on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Their art and creativity just makes me happy. These artists are full of color, beauty and they just "stink" of creativity. If you don't see and feel this in their art you certainly get it from the writing on their blogs. Enjoy and be inspired...

Kelly Rae - you can check our her blog here.This is the art and collage work of Sarah Ahearn and she has both a blog and Etsy shop.

And last but not least is Amanda Kavanagh who I found in a book entitled 1000 Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol. I love love love her travel sketches. You can look at them here. Her work reminds me of the Sara Midda. But she paints in so many mediums and just blows me away with her talent.