Yummy Turkey!

Thanksgiving is over but I have a fridge full of leftovers so I don't feel so sad. I get to have my own little Thanksgiving "replays" for the next few days. (Thanksgiving has the best leftovers.) My brother cooked his very first turkey and I must say it was exceptional - this coming from someone who doesn't "love" turkey. I made a variety of "fixins" and I do believe we would have made our mother proud. Even our gravy was yummy and not too lumpy. It was loads of fun and loads of work. We all stuffed ourselves and hardly enjoyed the great pies. I hope Phil and I continue this tradition - I mean he DID by a special humongous turkey pan...

Currently I'm taking a break from decorating my place for Christmas. I love pulling out all my decorations once a year and have lots of fun figuring out where everything should go. Also, it's supposed to rain/snow tonight. Will we have a winter wonderland in the morning? I need to hurry and get it all done. Because I plan on painting tonight. It's been too long and I really miss it. I did this little bit of a watercolor last weekend.
At my Etsy Shop -- Winter Wonderland 4x6