Just watching, waiting but hoping????

I've run out of words today. Both in my ability to hear them and say them. Sometimes pictures will just have to do when words just can't seem to take care of pain or express joy or even ask the questions.
Several years ago I bought a fish for BabyKitty to entertain her. But mostly she was just enchanted by this little fish. She liked to watch it not sure what to think of it all. I gave this painting to a friend in Los Angeles last year for her birthday. For some reason, this was her favorite and I wanted her to have it. This woman has an amazing sense of style, a great sense of humor and has really gone through some hard life situations. I was just flattered that she liked it. Currently she's going through some health issues - which are really "life" issues. What next? What should she do? How? When? But forget about the "why" question because that will never be answered with any satisfaction. This picture kind of reaches in and like my cat and the fish, all we can do is watch to see what happens next. What else is there left to do?