You can make it but it doesn't mean she'll like it

I finally finished this knitted daisy pacifier clip from Susan B. Anderson's book Itty-bitty Nursery this weekend and wanted to try it out. Currently Kennedy Jane prefers her fingers and can actually get her entire fist in her mouth on some days. We are hoping that she will still be able to do this when she's an adult as we're sure she'll be a hit at any party (or on David Lettermen) when she shows off this trick. With Becca's help we tried to get pictures of the little daisy. Of course we wanted the pacifier in her mouth but she didn't find the shape or taste very good. In fact, she teared up. And in the interest of not having a crying baby we just set the daisy on her belly. Here she is being more cooperative. And we're back to the fingers - but thanks little Kennedy for being so cooperative and making your auntie happy. Don't worry, I'll have many more silly handmade things for you in the future to pose with. I'm sure she'll run and hide when I come to the house with a granny square vest - ha ha ha. Okay, so back to my day job - lots of painting this week. Stay tuned - I got lots to show you and hopefully inspire you with. And, I'm sooo glad the kids are back in school - yay for school!!!!