Card Party

Last night was SOOO much fun! A bunch of us girls got together to eat and make cards - as in greeting cards. My friend Krissy, who is an amazing creative woman and who can make, fix, sew and decorate just about anything, led us in the art of card making. Now, I know the whole creative memories - stamps, papers and decorative bling bling is huge right now, but I hate to say it - I've avoided it. I mean I can't take on another art/craft. Knitting, sewing, painting, embroidery is enough. So I purposely have avoided those colorful fun aisles at the craft stores. So last night was a fun play time for me. Thanks Krissy for being so generous with your supplies and time!!!
Here are my creations. The sad thing is I don't know if I could ever send them to anyone. I just love looking at them. For now they're set up on a shelf like pieces of art work.