Visiting Family in Virginia

Whenever I go to visit my parents, my mom creates the prettiest flower arrangements from her garden and puts a little vase or pitcher by my bedside. I painted this in my little sketchbook/journal that I brought with me to fill on my week's vacation.

It's good to be back "home" in St. Louis. Visiting another former home - in Virginia this past week, hanging out with the folks and my other brother was great fun, relaxing. I really enjoyed the beach - we went to Rehobeth Beach for a couple of days. I got some great ideas along with my tan and Grotto's Pizza. I was able to finish a rather large painting for my brother that he's going to put in his new place. It's not my "normal" type of flowery colorful stuff, so it was both a challenge and exciting. He pulled a photo from the internet and wanted me to do a very large watercolor version of this. (I have no idea who took this fabulous photo but just know that I copied it for him and him only.)
I always bring some kind of art project to my parent's. I just seem to get more done and paint for longer periods of time. I think it's simply because I have far fewer distractions. Once again, it makes me think that having a studio separate from your living space may not be such a bad idea - especially if you are as easily distracted as I am.