1,833 Miles Away

I had some close friends that hosted a "See Ya" party this past weekend. When I looked around the room I was just floored at the quality of people in the room and to think these people call me friend -- so talented, funny, smart, artistic, witty, encouraging... WOW - how BLESSED!!!! I particularly remember meeting my dear friend Samantha when I first moved to Southern California. She was in a book study group I was part of and I just thought of her as just another beautiful L.A. blond and dismissed her (I know - how awful of me!!!) She spoke to me after our meeting and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked talking to her - kind, genuine, curious, asking me more questions about myself than my mother and truly appeared to be truly interested. We ended up talking over coffee and I completely enjoyed her company and our conversation. (Why was I so quick to judge?) Finally after a couple of hours and well past our work night bedtimes, we said good bye and she gave me the most interesting funny compliment I think I've ever received. She said, " You know, if I were a man I would want to date you." I laughed and knew I had found my new best friend. Over the years we have done a great deal of traveling together and I've enjoyed every single minute. But mostly I've enjoyed our conversations, about life encompassing dating, marriage, art, writing, books our hopes and disappointments. I know the conversation will continue even if we live exactly 1,833 miles away!