Last week didn't start out very well. Disappointment and frustration seemed to be the theme. Someone once said to me that the heart of discontentment and disappointment comes from one's own expectations. And somehow you're not supposed to put all those expectations on someone else, an event, a relationship, a painting... Very, very hard not to do. Live without expectations? While I ponder that and think if it's even possible, I continue with my work, my projects and soon the week has moved to another theme - one of hope and that life isn't that bad after all. When I lived in Texas they had this saying that if you didn't like the weather, just wait a minute, because it would most certainly change. And it did. So I apply that to my days and sing along to my favorite Pink Martini song "Hang on Little Tomato. "
My friend had me paint her beloved cat Katybelle which I finally finished and sent off. I had lots of great pictures to work from, but I have to admit, not meeting the cat made me nervous. It sounds strange but pictures only show so much and meeting my subject matter really helps me create a true likeness. Just writing this I hear how hoity toity that sounds, but it's true. I look forward to meeting her and hope she's like the cat I got to know when I was painting her.