Life is Like a Bowl Full of Peppers

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Life is like a bowl full of cherries" But I would have to say, my life has been like a bowl full of hot peppers. Spicy certainly can be nice, but sometimes it just plain ol' hurts going down. So my peppery life continues as just recently I've made the choice to move to St. Louis - having to choose between St. Louis, New York City or stay in Los Angeles. This decision was dropped on me at work just hours before I left to visit my folks for some R&R, mom's birthday and painting time. I have to say, I couldn't not have planned a more perfect place to move to - St. Louis is a wonderful place and chalk full of artists, designers, my brother and his wife and their coming baby (YIPPEE!!! I'm going to be an aunt for the first time) and affordable houses. WOO HOO!! I am soooo looking forward to owning my a home and decorating it! My head is swimming with ideas. But best of all, I'm hoping for a studio with lots of light pouring in. Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday Mom!