Father's Day

Yes, I realize Father's Day is long past. Shame on me for not posting this sooner. I spent Father's Day weekend with my dad and I think I have for the past couple of years. I went to the church my dad is minister of and enjoyed the sermon immensely. Simply put my father is an superb preacher but first and foremost he is an excellent father to his kids and husband to my mother. I can think of no better example of love and integrity than that of my father. The picture to the left was taken when my dad was in college and with dark hair. In fact, I hardly remember my dad with dark hair. He has a head full of silver hair and to many resembles Steve Martin - in fact he has been stopped many times by people who thinks he's the comedian actor. I have watched many people look twice at him trying to figure out if he is "somebody." Oh, the stories I could tell.

This is my dad in his robe on Father's Day morning. He shares the sanctuary with both the Catholics and the Jewish communities at the retirement complex where he ministers. On Sunday mornings the Catholics get the sanctuary first and they have to wheel out the Virgin Mary before the protestant service. This is the closet where the Catholic priest hangs his robe next to the Protestant minister's. Oh the metaphors that come into play... Besides being a wonderful minister, by dad is an amazing carpenter. This is one of my favorite pieces that he built for me. I've been brought up making things and being taught that we can make just about anything we put our minds to create. I could brag on my dad for pages and pages. But one little picture tells you much more. I think the world would be much better place if everyone had a dad like my mine. Happy Father's Day to all the dads that love and teach us how to love and create!