Time, Tea -n- Napkins

Time - an interesting word, concept and... reality? So much I want to do in a day - I want more! I waste so much! And then I put cream on it to stop the effects of it- ha ha. Seeing that my last entry was nearly 20 days ago I'm floored at how time flies and life changes, expands and even shrinks! Yoiks I better stop - this is NOT a journal on philosophy but art and all the zillions and millions of things that inspire me.... So let me tell you about Autumn. She had me over to her great apartment in Los Feliz several weeks ago and we talked books - kids books to be exact. Her YA (young adult) Carpe Diem will be in stores this fall!!! I'm so excited for her and can't wait to get my hands on it. It's always great to chat books with another writer - but I have to say I was insanely delighted to see that she had quite amazing taste in vintage decor from around the world. I would have snapped a million shots but left my camera at home (Me pulling my hair here) I managed to get this one shot of our tea table. She also used these beautiful vintage napkins which I fell in love with instantly and tried my darndest not to use it - that was quite a struggle since I'm definitely one of those people who NEED a napkin. Still I managed to keep it in pretty good shape and then she caught me folding it up to take with me. (of course she did - you can't get anything past a good writer - they notice the details). So she insisted I take a fresh one with me. How silly but I just love this lovely little vintage napkin.