Cyber world collides with your "real" world ...

I woke up in such a hurry with so many things to do I wondered if I really could get by without brushing my teeth. Just this once won't a piece of gum do? But guilt overwhelmed me because my mother went to great expense to correct my crooked buck teeth in junior high and I figured at the very least I could brush my teeth for her - so I devoted 2 full minutes to my Sonicare electric tooth brush. When your day starts out like this trying to save minutes and skip brushing teeth or hair let alone applying makeup inevitably means you WILL run into someone that matters to you. But this didn't register until later.
I ran to Trader Joes to pick up my favorite snacks and beverages because tonight is my night to host the "article club" and instead of reading an article I decide to be a rebel and have the girls come to my house with their "very most favorite" children's picture books to read aloud. I'm stopped by a woman in the store asking about my cool tanktop made by my friend Sharon B. (the snazzy girl to your left) It's a picture of my mom going to prom and she looks like a princess. But it's also a picture of her first date with my dad. Apparently she went out with him in the afternoon and then off to prom with another fellow. People ask me about my tank all the time and I love telling them the story. Once again I find myself writing Sharon's website on the back of my business card and just wonder why I don't get my cards printed with her info on the back.

Next stop the 5001 on 2nd Street - they have such cool wine glasses and I've been eyeing these chartreuse glasses for some time now and I decided today was the day I would buy them, I mean I did get money back from taxes... And, aren't they sooooooo pretty!!!!

And, here's where I wished I had done a little more to myself in the morning... So, I'm bustling along the street and I see this woman and I blurt out "You're Vickie Howell", like I've just discovered gold. Poor thing, I must have scared the Bejeezus out of her. I mean I'm sooooo not a celebrity hound. I saw Harrison Ford at In-n-Out Burger and Vince Vaughn at the Burbank airport and barely blinked an eye. But this was Vickie Howell and she's a knitter, author, and one fantastic creative soul that I really admire and I read her blog all the time. I mean I felt like I knew her. And this is what happens when cyber and reality collide - it's a bit confusing and one can be very one sided and at first I felt weird and guilty like I intruded into her life... Anyway, she was gracious and kind introduced me to her friend. I now call my new wine glasses, my "Vickie Howell Wine Glasses". Cheers