The Layout

As you can see I'm a very visual person and laying out the whole book on butcher paper just works best for me. I drew 14, 2-page spreads and wrote the page numbers of the book. (A picture book starts on page 7 if you count the cover and the end papers as pages too) Doing it this way, I get a better feel on how things flow. I have the manuscript and write what I want on each page of the book using post-it notes (that way if I change my mind or want to try something else, it's easier than an erasing it.) I only got about half way through when I realized I needed to make some adjustments on the story. That's what I'll be working on for a couple of days when I get a moment. However, I do need to get it off the table and tack it on the wall, because my art supervisor (my cat, Baby Kitty), walks on it too much and moves my post-its around when I'm not at home. Maybe she's editing it????