It all began at a fairly low point in my life. I had just returned from a year of teaching English in China and was floundering, unsure of what to do next.  My mother suggested I take a watercolor class - probably hoping I would stop my navel gazing.  I loved it.  From that point forward I painted, took classes, attended workshops, visited art museums and then painted some more.  In between the painting, life happened, and sometimes it felt like life just didn't want me to be an artist.  I've learned that the act of painting doesn't always happen in a studio with sunshine on your shoulders and classical music playing in the background.  Sometimes you paint on the kitchen table after a long day at work.  Through the years I've had to let go of some of my ideals as to what I think it means to be an artist and just practice my craft and celebrate that I am part of that great body called "art."  


Watercolor is called the medium of light.  The white of the paper is as important as the colors I use.  Painting in watercolors has trained my eyes and heart to look for the light.  I've learned to plan for the light in my paintings and look for it in my life.  I know it sounds a bit corny but it's very true.  That's the amazing thing about art: it can change you!


I've painted in between all the cracks and changes of life, various jobs, moving (lots of that), marrying and now "mommying."  My journey has been much like a watercolor itself - full of fuzzy and hard edges and puddles of swirling color with light peaking through.  I am inspired by my garden, nature and just the everyday beauty of home and life.