My house


This is a house that should have never been... certainly never been mine.  I was told by my grandpa I would never own a home without being married (this said to me just after I divorced), and that crushed me to hear.  But that's his generation speaking.  I've put a ton of time into this home, painting walls, trim and ceilings, planted flowers and bushes, getting rid of squirrels and mice that have apparently lived here since it was built in 1871.  I'm very proud of the work I've done and have more to do.  

When I bought it, I bought it with just me in mind, never thinking I would have to share it with a husband, his dog and now a little girl.  But I'm happy to share it. Baby Kitty on the other hand, doesn't feel like I do.  So, you see, it was about time I painted my abode.