Christmas Decorating

Outside it's snowing little tiny salt like bits of snow, but it's accumulating rather quickly. I'm glad I'm inside and mostly I'm glad to finally be finished with my Christmas decorating. Thought I would share a few pics of my cozy little apartment. I know it doesn't "seem" like much, but it takes me along time to get things out, clean them and then arrange them just so.
Over the years I've collected, been given and even have made some Christmas things that I really love. I made the plaid Christmas pillows that BabyKitty is posing in front of and many of the old looking cross stitch work you see here. I even painted the little wooden Santa and varnished him to look old. Now, I guess he is old as I've had him for nearly ten years.But one of my most favorite Christmas pieces is this little miniature manger scene I bought from a Filipino woman who made them at an art fair I went to many, many years ago. I'm just surprised I haven't lost any of the little pieces. And of course, the best Christmas decoration of all - Baby Kitty. She looks great with red and green and knows it.