The Chair

This is my mother's chair.  Much like my mother herself - classy, elegant and pretty.  The best thing about this chair and the others in her house is that you absolutely can sit on them.  She keeps her home pristine, but she also uses everything.  All her things are nice things, so every day is a special occasion.   

I think that's the best way to live.  I'm still trying to make everyday a special occasion.   But it can be a little hard with a one year old running around.  These little one year old people can really ransack a room quickly.  So if today only allows me to enjoy a pretty vase and garden flowers, well that will have to do.  I'm in the mindset of trying to do what I reasonably can.  That's hard for me when I want so much.  But I'm discovering the real test for me lately is to be content and thankful in the few things I can accomplish or make special.  Rejoice!  I painted a chair!  Perhaps tomorrow I will get to sit in one.

Mom's chair.jpg