Lafayette Square in St. Louis

For those of you who don't know much about St. Louis, Lafayette Square is a hidden gem - and my favorite place in the city. A little edge of the city that feels like Europe and yes there is a fabulous cafe that makes the best chocolate croissants in town Rue Lafayette. You almost expect people to be greeting each other with Bonjour as you stroll down the sidewalk. The entire park is enclosed by intricate rod iron gates. This is a fairly large painting at 22"x30". I hope to get it framed this week - something French of course. Bonsoir

TGIF - Flower Friday

Monet said, "I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." And I certainly can say that for myself too. So in celebration of Friday and Monet and flowers and art and, and... you name it, I bought a big bunch of tulips and purple hyacinth and boy do they smell lovely. From this day forward I declare Fridays - Flower day.
Thank God It's Flower Friday.
So glad to see Friday come and there's soooo much I want to do this weekend. SO much.
1. Paint, paint, paint
2. Read read read
3. paint some more.

I have a whole list of things I want to work on. So stay tuned for lots of watercolors!

Illustration Friday - The First One - RENEW

So, one of the many things I want to do in 2010 is participate in Illustration Friday. Every week I get an e-mail from this group with a word - a single word and you are supposed to create an illustration for that word. God only knows how long I've been meaning to participate. I get the e-mail every Friday and just put it off. It's hard. Especially if you've never done it. Heck, I'm the kind of artist that usually gets to work on exactly what I want - "don't you tell me what to do!" Well, NO MORE! I'm not going to get anywhere with that attitude and besides this will push me to hopefully become a better artist.

So, the word for the week is "RENEW".