A month of LOVE

February... ugh.  

If you live in the Midwest, this time of year is just hard.  There are lots of cold grey days with little sunshine.  I'm always surprised to how much the weather affects my mood.  I know lots of people have a really hard time during the winter months before spring.  February has historically been a pretty hard month for me.  It was in this month my first marriage collapsed, but it was also in this same month I met and fell in love with my current (and "bestest") husband.  We all have stories and maybe some sad ones.  I just think they are even sadder if they take place in the month of February.  I also remember that February was the hardest month for me to learn to spell correctly.  It's weird what you remember...

Mostly,  I just wish I didn't feel like sleeping all the time.  

 On one hand I'm really thankful for whoever started the Valentine theme because there is no other month that could use a shot of red, pink and sprinkles all over it.  And I love red and pink!   And, I love them together.  But on the other hand February has Valentine's Day and that can be a bit irritating with the pressure to have, find or be in love.  I am choosing to celebrate ALL the different kinds of love in my life.  I'm glad to have a husband and romantic love.  But boy am I thankful for all the other types of love out there.  Let's celebrate it, think and focus on it and perhaps these grey days won't weigh so heavy.  

So this month I will be blogging on things that fill my heart with love and joy.  This is so needed   right now.  My life is so far from perfect and the grey days have me heavier than usual.  So know, I'm trying to focus my own mind and heart on anything other than the grey, cold and dreariness.