I can't believe we will be celebrating Daisy's first birthday in less than a month.  And while it's a huge milestone for the our new little family, it is one for me personally as well.  I'm just starting to get a handle on all the changes I've had this first year and feeling, well... like it's going to be okay.  Some things in my life may never be back to the Amy I was before baby, but I'm finding my way toward a new normal.  For the past year I haven't painted much. I was surprised as to how much thought and energy it took.  When Daisy would go to sleep in the evening I discovered I just didn't have the energy to start a painting at 7 at night.  My best, most creative time is first thing in the morning and Daisy gets my best, most creative time now - especially since for many months there she was waking before me.  I'm so glad an artist friend told me that once you have a baby you won't really be able to paint much for about two years.  But then that baby will become your reason to paint. 

I'm still here.  I'm still an artist.  I'm like rose in winter.  I might look dead and shriveled up with no leaves, let alone any roses, but once the winter is past I will bloom again.