Love ...

Happy Valentine's Day. Granted it's a questionable holiday for many. But whether you have romantic love or not, shouldn't be the point. If you are living, functioning and on this earth chances are you love someone on some level and someone loves you. Celebrate. I wouldn't be surprised to hear in a couple of years that scientists "discover" that what really makes the sun rise and set and the earth spin is simply the love that is given and received day to day. It has to create some kind of energy --some power.

Also Valentine's Day is the pink and red holiday - I just love those colors.
(I recently discovered spray glitter and sprayed these hymn paintings with it once I was done. Soft shimmery sparkles. They made the ink of the hymn paper run a bit, but I like it.)

I bought myself green roses today - chartreuse green. So different and fun.

Do something pink for someone. Wear red lipstick. Chew pink bubble gun and blow bubbles. Tell a stranger he/she looks nice. make yourself a valentine. Smile while you are crying. Love starts out simply I think. Sometimes the hardest person to show love to is yourself. We are so critical and hard on ourselves (Actually that previous sentence should have started with "I") Love feels so complicated and mysterious at times. But for the most part I think it's simple. It's hard to act when you don't "feel" love. But the action is love whether the feeling is there or not. So today Love yourself, love another. Just try a day of ONLY LOVE.