Mother's Day

As I get older, I have to say, I'm more and more amazed by my mother and just down on my knees grateful for her. She would be MORTIFIED that I'm posting her picture, but being that she's not a computer user, what she doesn't know, can't hurt her. But for me, I want lots of people to know my mom is just.... more than these lousy words I'm limited to using right now.

Here she is with her accordion. She learned when she was a little girl.

I spent the day with my mother's older sister who was in town for her granddaughter's graduation from USC. I was glad to be with my dear aunt, but it broke my heart to see her so feeble. She's the aunt that made me a Barbie cake - and trust me, if you are a Barbie lover you never ever forget that. It's just a regular layered round cake with a Barbie poking out of the middle and it's frosted to look like Barbie is wearing a big puffy dress. Devine! Today I'm not sure if time is friend or foe - sad to see people dear to me aging. Sigh...

I sigh again but out of relief. I finally finished my mom's and aunt's embroidered tea towels.
Now, I'm down to only TEN projects. Actually, I start an illustration class next week and am planning on spending the summer in painting and really developing my portfolio. So it looks like I'll be in summer school - I say with a smile.
Be the change you seek - Gandhi