This Amy Butler rectangle bag was a very brave undertaking for me. I did buy the entire "INSTITCHES" book because of this pattern. So I decided that I would just take my time - and I'm so glad I did. Lots of very detailed instructions. There were times I had to turn off the music (because I sew with rock n' roll) and read the instruction out loud. I think BabyKitty could make this bag too if she weren't so afraid of the sewing machine. She was by my side for every stitch and here she is quite pleased and of course stamped her seal of approval on the project by posing with this great bag. Now I can carry rulers, knitting needles, asparagus and knives with ease.
Last week I gave in to a whim, against my resolution to absolutely, positively, never, ever, NEVER start yet another project until I finished the ones I have. But the creative side overpowered my left brain logic and next thing you know I had placed a bundle of Heather Bailey's quarter flats in my bag and dashed to pay for them. (Tall mouse was having a special sale so I did get 25% off and my left brain let my right brain off one more time.) So now what I do? These fabrics are so pretty and light and I don't even really like peach colors - but this, this is different. I decided to make a little summer quilt to throw on the back of my white couch - it sure did change the look of the room - I can't believe it! Then, I'll have to paint something that pulls it all together - then maybe some pillows.... and you see, this is how it goes in my head. I used Amy Butler's Lotus Brick Quilt Pattern, varying it a little by making the blocks smaller. The lay out isn't perfect. Which I think has to do with the fact that I decided to start this quilt on the HOTTEST day of the year. And maybe the sewing gods don't like that I'm using Fresh Cut with an Amy Butler pattern!!! Is there some moral sewing code out there that I don't know of.
And because I'm here - I have to tell you that seeing the creativity of other women has really been invigorating. I'm so thankful that they share their work and projects through their blogs and websites. I'm sooooo encouraged. In fact, I just discovered that Heather Bailey had at one point in her creative career pursued children's book illustration before she did fabric design. Hmmm...
So here's another picture with matting ready to go on Etsy. The medium is watercolor, gouache and Sumi ink.